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I tried commenting on your newer series, but for some reason couldn't. (The page wouldn't load.)

Was it difficult for you to witness this, Sidney? These are some very powerful images.

Ashwathy Nair

Ouch, that sure hurts!


I can't look, but I support the post! Pretty incredible documentation.


Ouch! I can barely look at the photos! hehe...

Ashish Sidapara

Documentary photography at its best, wonder how you convince people to be photographed! As for me, i have created a category called "Candid" on my blog ;-)

nina bumanglag your site so much! where in laguna was this? do you travel a lot to get the pictures? i like taking pictures as well but im not good at it haha. i linked your site to mine, if thats ok. hehe. =)


Amazing tradition!


Besides not understanding a ritual that seems plain barbaric to me, I can't help but be disturbed by the lack of concern over sanitary practices. Seems like a very risky practice to cut with a straight razor such as that.


It sure does hurt badly --- me thinks.

But do you know why they cut the swollen area with the razor? Any explanations for that?

Otto K.

Ack. Fascinating as always, Sidney, but not the thing that I wanted to see with my breakfast. :-)


Kinda like reminds me of the tribal marks that were etched into the facial skin of certain tribe members back home in Nigeria.


I love seeing shots of rituals like this. As much as it makes me cringe, it's always interesting to see how other cultures mark special occasions.



nothing else comes to mind... but OUCH!


wow, sidney...that final image!


That looks painful.


That looks painful!


hmmm, always so interesting to come over here and see your little slices (sorry) of daily life. excellent stuff.


J'en ai froid dans le dos ...
Very good shots !


les enfants sont malheureusement habitués à ce genre de chose!


woah! you seem to always be at the right places at the right time.


the flagellants of kalayaan

then next one will be on paete? :)


i can't help commenting on people's comments. that's the nice thing about visiting your blog Sidney, one gets a variety of opinions. and a variety of reactions too.

i think (and ferverntly) believe that these people know what they are doing. most of them have done these an awful loads of time. you may not believe it but there's a technique even by the way they cut the skin. not deep enough to inflict too much bleeding, but enough to get them shallow scars. scars that would be all healed by the next time they do it again.

i used to cringe a lot watching these flagellants inflict little cuts on their skin. the irony of which, they seem to be happy at what they're doing. i question a few times, but with watching and observing, you'll somewhow know where they are coming from. of course i still find it shitty, the premise/reason behind it, but well...people will do whatever suit them. i am being lame here.


I just felt goosebumps on my body! It looks so painful. It seems like another form of extreme sacrifice. I respect those who choose this kind of penitence and their reason behind it.


I would rather tithe:)


Tena koe ehoa
Despite the nature of the act they have performed on them, it's interesting to see the primitive standars of hygiene used in administering the cuts, no gloves, no apparent disinfectant and no separation of the recipient from the public. The scene is RIPE for spread of infectious diseases at a collosal level and rate of infection.
I'm not sure if there is any relevence to Max's comment but most on the onlookers in majority appear to be males.
I fail to understand any God that would bestow such an act in some cases pain upon a believer but, I do accept that there are those who see this as an act of discipline and dedication to a faith in someone or something.
You have a great way of confront peoples attention Sidney! I applaude your documentary photography and reportage skills.

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